About Academy Locksmith

About Academy Locksmith

About Academy Locksmith,
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Our Mission:

We will be open, honest and fair in all we do so that everyone can prosper.


Customer Service:

Customer service is our top priority. We are the only locksmith company large enough to back this commitment up with results and small enough to provide you the personalized service you require. We’re there, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. Whenever you need us – period.


Our Technicians:

Academy Locksmith technicians are constantly being educated about new products and service techniques. All of our technicians are carefully screened, FBI fingerprinted, licensed, bonded and insured.



Scheduling for locksmith service is easy and fast. We can provide fast and reliable locksmith service when you need it, any time. We can deliver locksmith service with-in 30 minutes or schedule appointments around your schedule at no additional charge. We are a nationwide locksmith company with numerous technicians stationed throughout the United States, to ensure prompt, dependable service. We have one billing procedure for all your locations and are able to route invoices based on your company’s specific needs. We offer long-term service agreements so we can handle your security needs without hassle. Our company can service all of your physical and electronic security needs in all cities, anytime – with just one call!



Academy Locksmith is the company you can trust with all your security needs. We are properly licensed and so is each technician that will service your home, business or auto. We implement all state, federal building and life safety codes. Click on the image below to verify our locksmith license.

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