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The Story of Love Locks

Love Locks, also known as love padlocks, is a tradition where couples lock padlocks onto a public bridge, gate, pole, fence or fixture by couples to symbolize their abiding love.     It’s believed to have originated in China, where

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Follow these helpful tips to keep your home safe. It’s back to reality when you come back home from a vacation. It’s back to work, school, chores, routines, but it’s ok because you are now recharged. Something you don’t want

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Rekeying Does Exist

One of the main locksmith request we receive are to change the locks when keys are lost, during a new move in or when a key holder has left a company or moved out of the house. We are surprised

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Active Shooter

The key to minimizing risk and life loss during an active shooter incident is preparation. During the shooting at UCLA, several photos were tweeted from the engineering building where the shooting was taking place. Because most of the classroom doors

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Double Sided Dead Bolts

Locksmiths are often asked by customers to install double sided deadbolts for them. It can be a daunting task to find a locksmith willing to do this, and for a good reason. While there might be a few reasons a

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Locksmith Scammers Still Out There

They are still out there, believe it or not. We try to warn and educated all of our customers or those who inquire about locksmith services. Phony locksmith’s are out there trying to to rip customers off.

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Scam Locksmith’s Still Out There

It’s been known for a while now that there are several “Scam Locksmith’s” ripping customers off through out the United States. This is an issue in some states more than others, but they are everywhere. Go online right now, and

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Another Customer Gets Scammed

Another customer get’s scammed. This time it’s in Massachusetts. Visit the Aloa website to find legitimate locksmith if you are in need of one.

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Lock Out Tip 1

What to do when locked out Usually when we get called out to unlock a house or apartment, its because the keys are locked inside. It’s easy to get frustrated and forget to check for an open window. Too many

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