Double Sided Dead Bolts

Locksmiths are often asked by customers to install double sided deadbolts for them. It can be a daunting task to find a locksmith willing to do this, and for a good reason. While there might be a few reasons a customer could see this as a positive feature, there are downsides that can greatly outweigh the benefits. We will go over a few reasons why people might want double sided deadbolts, and then go over the reasons why locksmiths recommend against them.
One of the main reasons locksmiths get requested for a double sided deadbolt is if a customer has a glass door. They are afraid that a burglar can break open the glass and reach inside and turn the thumb turn. This is a bit of a fallacy because if a burglar is willing to break glass and make that much noise they are willing to use force to get their way in. This means that they will most likely find a way in the house anyways, such as breaking bigger hole in the glass so that they can walk through.
Another popular reason they are requested is because the customer who are in caregivers for children, family members or patients. They want the double sided deadbolt so that the person they care for cannot just roam outside and get lost or hurt. There are several options that can help with this. A simple option is installing a very high chain latch that is difficult to reach for the person receiving care. We also live in a great world full of technology with smart locks that can alert you when the door is unlocked or opened. Other tools that can be used are motion detectors, cameras, and tracking devices.
Now that we have covered a couple of the most popular reasons for double sided deadbolts lets go over the singular reason against them- safety. Unfortunately a few people have died, or been severely injured due to them. As a personal survivor of a house fire, I know that every second counts when trying to exit a burning building. This is why the fire code in many places does not allow double sided deadbolts. You must have an easy path of egress to get out of the house. This means an unobstructed path leading out of a dwelling without the use of a key or special knowledge. When making security decisions about your house, it is also very important to think about the safety of you and your family as well.
-Scott Cook

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