Lock Out Tip 1

What to do when locked out

Usually when we get called out to unlock a house or apartment, its because the keys are locked inside. It’s easy to get frustrated and forget to check for an open window. Too many times when called out on a residential lockout we will find a window or even a back door unlocked.

There was a call I did where when I arrived I asked my customer, “Did you get a chance to check all other doors and windows?” He said he did and that they were all locked. I did walk through with him to search for the lock I would pick open. When we got to the back garage door, the lock looked old and rusty. “We never use this door.” said my customer. I turned on the stiff rusted knob and it seemed locked but turned a bit. I gave it another hard turn and it ended up turning all the way. It was unlocked the whole time. I cleaned and lubricated the back garage door lock and only charged the customer for the service call. We both laughed about it.

Remember to check all doors and windows. Carefully tug on the windows, you may be able to unlatch old window locks that way. Check all doors and double check older exterior locks to make sure they are not frozen shut with dirt, rust or grime. You will gain entry yourself by finding an unlocked entrance. Call us if you discover a lock that wasn’t as secured as you thought or need a professional to unlock your door. My self or another service locksmith will be out to you quickly.

-Shamey the Locksmith

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