Rekeying Does Exist

One of the main locksmith request we receive are to change the locks when keys are lost, during a new move in or when a key holder has left a company or moved out of the house. We are surprised to know that many people don’t know that their existing locks can be rekeyed. Many folks believe their only option is to buy and install new locks when we can simply rekey the locks to change the key they currently use. As a result of not knowing many businesses and home owners end up adding more and more keys to their already overcrowded key rings.
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Standard Rekey

A standard rekey happens when the cylinder on a lock is modified accept a new key. Pins or wafers can be changed inside the locks tumbler to match the new set of keys. We highly recommended to rekey the locks when you move into a new home or office.

It is convenient to have all locks operate with a single key. Locks can be rekeyed alike if the locks are compatible. For example if the all the locks on a house are Schlage and they need to be keyed alike, they can. If one of the locks is a Kwikset, the lock will either have to be replaced with a Schlage compatible lock to rekey all the locks alike or that house would require 2 different set of keys. Many big box stores sell locks already keyed alike in groups. This means that someone who purchased their locks from the same store will likely use the same key. That is why it is best to hire a professional locksmith or rekey the locks yourself.

Master Rekey

Master Rekeying is setting up a lock so that more than one key can work on it. One of the keys will be the master key which can open all other lock in the facility and the other key will be the key that only opens a unique lock. Master rekeying should be done by professionals to avoid accidental cross keying.
Master rekey set up

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