Scam Locksmith’s Still Out There

It’s been known for a while now that there are several “Scam Locksmith’s” ripping customers off through out the United States. This is an issue in some states more than others, but they are everywhere. Go online right now, and do a search for a locksmith in your area. I’m not a gambling man, but I would put money down that one of the first search results will be a scammer locksmith company. Give them a call and they will quote you an attractive, but deliberately unclear quote over the phone. It wont be a exact quote, but the MINIMUM CHARGE sure sounds nice. This scammer locksmith will be unlicensed or they will send an unlicensed locksmith to you. We read articles, see videos and personally hear stories like this all the time. Scam locksmith goes out charges something way different than what was quoted, and customers have no choice sometimes since they are usually in a bind when they called. Forget about complaining or asking for a refund.
These phony locksmith have been exposed time after time on news channels throughout the US and national televised reports like on the Today Show. Organisations like ALOA and other associations are also doing their part to get rid of the scammers in our industry. However, they are still out there. We also try inform all who call our office looking for a locksmith about scammers. Even if they don’t choose us, we want them to know that the next listing that they call may be a fake. Here are some tips to choose a legitimate locksmith:
1. Ask for a total price. Unless you your self are unsure of what is needed like the lock is not working and you don’t know why. Repairs can be difficult to quote over the phone. But, if you are locked out of your car, and you give the locksmith the exact year make and model of the car. There is no reason why you should be quoted a minimum price.
2. Ask for the locksmith license number. In California it is required for the license number to be advertised. Licensing requirements for locksmith can vary in different states.
3. Search for a reputable company. Reviews on Google, Yelp, Angies List, Home Advisor… See what several other people are saying about their experience with that company.

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