The Story of Love Locks

Love Locks, also known as love padlocks, is a tradition where couples lock padlocks onto a public bridge, gate, pole, fence or fixture by couples to symbolize their abiding love.
It’s believed to have originated in China, where lovers would lock padlocks on a public fence then throw away the key, symbolically locking their love forever. In cities around the work, from Las Vegas to Rome are filled gates and fences adorned with love locks.
In Rome, the ritual of locking padlocks to the bridge Ponte Milvio can be linked to the popular book I Want You by the Italian author Federico Moccia, who later made it in the film-adaptation Ho voglia di te.
However, not everyone is a fan. Some treat is as litter or vandalism, because of the labor and cost to remove them. But many still embrace this tradition of couples finding this creative way to express their love and commitment with a padlock. These places have also become some sort of tourist attraction and helped with fundraising projects.
Click on the link below if you want to know where to find a safe and legal place to lock a love padlock.

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